Staging is the art of Curated elements . . .


Suburban Synergy - After Staging . . . 

After Staging, we revealed 'the Mediterranean Mountain Montage' . . .

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As an Interior Designer, I approach Home Staging with an instinct for Intuitive Feng Shui and an understanding for marketing and Interior Design Concepts  - Form, Color, Proportion, Balance, Circulation, and Luxury Residential & Resort Design.

We begin with a consultation, we view and experience your property, inside and out. We listen to your goals, your constraints, your ideas. We edit, remove, move, add and install. Items, materials, colors, fountains or lighting to curate a designed flow throughout the spaces in your property.

We source and coordinate with local sources and contractors to provide the level of products, installations and services which will enhance the experience. 

​In Hawaii’s growing Real Estate Market, Interior Design Studio, JULE LUCERO DESIGN, will create an inviting and memorable property experience. Our team creates beautifully orchestrated spaces which entice and tease your buyer,  swoon, alluring a promising offer.


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. . . artfully selected and placed to enhance each space, entixe movement, and vision.

our process . . .


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Outdoor Oasis - After Staging . . .

Creating inspiration, hopes & possibilities for meaningful experiences  . . . 

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Uptown Upper - After Staging . . . 

Staged Interior Design - selected samples to note how elements - artfully placed - lead your eye through the home . . .

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​​We visit your home a few weeks prior to installation. 

We customize the package for your needs. 

We can work with your furnishings & accessories, or start from scratch.

We schedule the installation, which ususally takes one full day. 

I bring my installers with their tools for the install and then for the pick up.

We clean after we install, and after pick up, filling in picture holes with putty.